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We’re a strong and diverse community!
Our partners are spread across continents and multiple disciplines.

In a globalized world, education must not follow geographical boundaries. Cross-country university partnerships ensure that. Our model gives colleges/universities a platform to collaborate, so that the best minds and even better talents get a space to interact freely, share ideas, develop a broad worldview and a chance to co-innovate. Such collaborations add diversity that is so necessary for an educational environment. From the market perspective too, universities benefit from the added brand value that is attractive to students, their parents and their future employers.


A foreign degree comes with a brand value, but it also comes with a hefty cost! As they can’t afford it, many talented students have to settle for an average career and an average future. We bridge this gap between a great mind and a great education, by bringing home foreign methods of learning at only a minimal additional cost. The students who enroll for joint degrees, come out much more marketable and confident due to enhanced exposure and dual credentialization by an Indian and a foreign university.

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