Through our partnerships, we offer a wide range of minors and certificate programs for the students to choose from. This way, they can take up specializations and skills relevant to their area of study. Universities and students can tweak their educational journeys to their requirements. However, for the exercise to be precise, it is important to understand the difference between minors and certificates and the benefits that come with each.

Certificates structure

A certificate is an additional program that can be pursued along with an undergraduate degree. It is more specific in nature and may increase the time and cost of pursuing an undergraduate degree, due to increased coursework. They are a better fit for those pursuing technical degrees. A stand-alone certificate program is also a great choice for anyone who wants to begin a career, but is not quite ready to tackle a full undergraduate degree.

Minors structure

A minor gives an added dimension to an undergraduate degree and is more generalized and relatively less practical in nature. It is a fine choice for anyone willing to receive their undergraduate degree quickly, with a fair bit of diversity and with minimal additional resources. Minor require comparatively less coursework than certificates.