We are EdVenue Inc., a NYC based start-up, that strives to provide the best international learning experience to college students located in India. We do this by promoting an integrated collaboration between US and Indian college students by offering co-branded minors & certificates delivered via digital learning.

We believe that each relationship between 2 universities is unique. Accordingly, we use a comprehensive proprietary matching system that matches Indian and US Universities on a variety of criteria, including but not limited to location, no of students, courses offered, to give a composite score. Based on this composite score, we match universities.

While we leave it to universities to determine what courses they would like to offer, we recommend offering courses that are in strong market demand to give students the best buck for their money. 

Based on the exact agreement between the Indian and US University concerned, each student will receive either a co-branded degree or a certificate or a minor virtually.  

We are based in New York City, USA and you can directly email us at the following: