What are we?

We are a virtual learning platform that connects universities, for a collaborative academic experience. Our focus is on enhancing access to world-class learning for Indian students, who are steeped in conventional methods of higher learning.

We are a US based Edtech startup that strives to provide the best international learning experience to university / college students that are located in India. We do this by promoting a joint (integrated) collaboration between US and Indian universities / colleges by offering co-branded minors & certificates delivered via digital learning.

Why EdVenue?

Quality and opportunity should not come at a high cost. We believe that! Today, every student craves international exposure, varied cultural experiences and a strong network that can catapult them into a career of their dreams. That’s why we bring the world to your university/college through:

  • Co-branded Certificates/Minors
  • Enriching faculty and student exchange programs
  • Joint research opportunities
  • A chance to co-innovate
  • Faculty-supervised app-based projects
  • Joint hackathons
  • Membership of student organizations

The Solution / Features

Through our Virtual Learning Management Platform, we don’t just deliver content but provide a complete, best-in-class and personalized classroom experience for each student– group projects, recitations, hackathons, research projects, participation in clubs and even live classes. Our Solution offers:

Single Sign-On

Multi-Tenant Infrastructure

Freedom to design customized courses

Integration with Live Video-Conferencing


Personalized Learning Plans

Course Analytics

Integrations with 3rd Party Software

How we integrate with your university

At EdVenue, we ensure that partnerships and collaborative experiences are mutually fulfilling and meaningful. For this, our process follows a systematic evaluation of universities, based on credible ranking parameters used internationally. Host and recipient universities are carefully selected and matched after extensive research and profiling. The matching process optimizes value addition.

Our Values

Mission Statement

We deliver global education to the doorstep of every college student. We open to them a virtual world of cutting-edge learning opportunities, which allows them to grow in ways that traditional learning methods don’t. Adding value to their ongoing degrees through international partnerships, lies at the core of our work.

Vision Statement

We understand how difficult it can be to acquire a foreign education. From visa restrictions, to lack of funding options, the problems are endless! However, in the heavily digitized world of today, there is no reason why education should be strictly local.

At EdVenue, we offer opportunities to:

  • Access world class teaching-learning techniques
  • Build connections
  • Build confidence
  • Build a profile for future foreign university applications
  • Develop a broader worldview that promotes critical thinking
  • Get an insight into new cultures and perspectives
  • Travel
  • Explore career opportunities abroad
  • Acquire marketable skills

Leadership Team

Rahul Castelino

Rahul is a graduate of Georgia Tech who comes with 5+ years of experience as a Strategy Consultant advising the C-Suite of several Fortune 500 companies in the Technology, Media & Telecommunications Industry on their core strategic questions

Kartikeya Kumar

Kartikeya is a graduate of Georgia Tech who comes with 3+ years of experience advising Fortune 500 companies on their core technology implementations

Investor Relations

We are always looking to partner with more investors in our mission to bring affordable global education to Indian students. If you are interested in partnering with us, please contact us directly at Rahul Castelino – rahulcastelino@edvenue.co